Child Discipline
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Visiting this site shows that you are concerned about child discipline in your family. Any sensitive parent would be.

But, what is discipline? Definition of discipline is relevant for academic purposes only. As parents we can simply define discipline as teaching self control to our kids.

Happy Parenting

Almost every other day, we notice something new in our child behavior that keeps bothering us. Most of us keep discussing these issues with friends and relative. Some read books... and some even consult psychologists or psychiatrists.


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I am not a child psychologist or a psychiatrist. But I love kids and find myself comfortable with them. Playing and spending time with them amuses me. And probably kids like me too. Most of the times, I am able to get the kids do what I want them to do. Perhaps it happens because I am passionate about kids and they can sense my love for them.

I believe it is love, and only love, that can work wonders with the child behavior.

Danish Way
of Parenting

How to Raise Smart & Happy Children?
For the last 40 years, scientific researchers

have declared that the Danish people were the
happiest on earth. Not only is Denmark the
happiest country, but one of the smartest.


Positive discipline is the positive, affirmative, good and pleasant form of the not so lovable word "discipline".

Child Behavior

What is child behavior?
Why and how does a child behave in a particular way different from others?

Dealing with bullies

Dealing with bullies is a real challenge. bullying makes the child offensive. Nobody likes a bully child. But bullies can be set right. 


Kids with 'Attention Deficit Disorder' have amazing positive qualities. They are lost in their own creative imagination and we complain that they are not attentive and don't listen to us. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a subtype of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Kids with ADHD are impulsive, hyperactive and have very short attention span.

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