3 Common Dieting Problems and Their Solutions

Have you ever tried to lose weight? If you have, you will agree that the process of weight loss is not easy. It dieting problem 2is perhaps the reason why many people are frustrated with most weight loss solutions. Among the working weight loss solutions is dieting. However here are the 3 most common dieting problems and their solutions:

  • Dieting Problem No. 1: Regaining Weight after weight loss

You are excited about weight loss after discovering that with eating the right low calorie diets, you have lost so many pounds within short periods of time. However, after the dieting phases are over and you feel you have the body of your dreams, you start eating normally and realize after a few weeks that you have regained all the weight you ever had!

Regaining weight is a problem mostly caused by a wrongful lifestyle especially after weight loss. Once you have successfully lost weight, it is not guaranteed that you will maintain the weight especially if you enter into bad eating habits.

What do you need to do to prevent weight gain after dieting? The first solution is a permanent change of lifestyle after losing weight. Eat the same foods which helped you lose weight, have a lifestyle of regular workouts and always ensure that you eat healthy but tasty foods.


  • Dieting Problem No. 2: Exhaustion

The second dieting problem experienced amongst most people seeking weight loss is exhaustion. Exhaustion comes in different shapes and forms. Perhaps, it may be through the body lacking energy because of constant low supply of energy giving foods. At times, the whole process of dieting will take your effort and drain your energy.

dieting problemHow do you deal with exhaustion during dieting? The best way to go through exhaustion is proper planning. You need to plan your meals, plan your diet and have clear set goals. Are you able to achieve your dieting goals without having to strain? If you are, then, you are on the right track to preventing exhaustion.

To avoid being exhausted from meals, ensure that you eat smart. Eat small amounts of food at present intervals. Sometimes, it is wise to use dietary supplements such as HCG drops while dieting. Such supplements will ensure that you feel fuller for longer, make the body burn stored fats for energy thereby ensuring that you are able to diet without feeling exhaustion or hunger pangs.


  • Dieting Problem No. 3: Slow weight loss

You have probably heard the story of how quickly people lose weight through dieting. Perhaps, you have been inspired to use dieting with the hope that you too shall have the figure of your dreams within days.dieting problems

However, dieting seems to be a problem to you! You are not losing weight as quickly as you thought! This has demoralized you and you want to give up altogether. Why is it that you are experiencing slow weight loss while following the right dieting plan?

You will need to understand that not everyone experiences rapid weight loss with dieting. To some, weight loss does not occur at all! However, if there is slow weight loss, you will have to understand yourself first. Know from an expert dietitian whether you need to change your meal plan. Sometimes, it is best to even know whether you will need to perform exercises alongside dieting if you want to experience rapid weight loss while dieting.


How to Care for Children with Autism

How do you care for a child with autism? When a parent finds out that his child has autism, the shock can be life child autism changing. However, according to research studies, parents who know how to care for children with autism perform well emotionally and are able to create a strong bond between them and their children.

Just like all the other Pervasive Development Disorders, autism begins in children when they are below three years of age. During its development stage, a parent will notice a complex group of development disabilities such as difficulties in communication, walking, smiling, reacting to the environment and even learning. The child will hardly have any social interactions with his environment and those close to him.

Autism can range from being mild to very severe and will most likely interfere with the life of your child and your relationship to him. Autism affects emotional health of the child, physical growth and even career aspirations. The problem can be checked if you know how to care for a child living with autism. Below are some tips to help you cope with autism in a child:

  • Study everything on Child Autism

Parenting a child with autism is not going to be easy. It will tear you apart emotionally and greatly interfere with your life especially if you don’t know much about the condition. The starting point therefore is learning everything you can about autism.

Autism is also called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is a condition normally diagnosed by a doctor in a hospital setting. It comes with many other disorders that inhibit the development of the child in many aspects of his behavior.

A parent needs to understand this and much more about autism. Know autism 2ways of handling a child with autism, how to communicate to children with autism, how to teach an autistic child and many more things pertaining to such children.

Treatment for autism is possible especially when the condition is detected early and treatment started immediately. It may need patience but with time, your child will develop to his full potential. Take to your doctors on the best treatment options for autism and let them advice you on what you need to do daily for your autistic child.

  • Have a circle of people who can help

As a parent of a child suffering from autism, you are going to be drained emotionally by the day to day care of your child. However, if you have a circle of those willing to offer support, the journey through to the recovery of your child will be much easier.

Have a close friend who can always be there for you to offer emotional support. Let it be a friend in whom you can confide and share with your daily fears, concerns and feelings. The person should be someone who can offer sound advice and who can lovingly fill up the emotional hole that the whole condition brings with it.

You also need to be close to a person who knows much about child autism and who can therefore quickly provide information when the situation arises. Most of the time, it is advisable that the person be a doctor or an expert in autism. If possible, have online sources that you can quickly access when you need critical information on the condition of your child.

  • Use alternative treatments and therapies for autism

Apart from going to the doctor for medication and modern medicine, there are therapies that have been used over autism 3the years for treatment of autism. These therapies though not scientifically proven and medically certified have been known to work in helping a child living with autism recover from the condition.

Some examples of therapies for autism include the chelation therapy which involves mercury exposure that is believed to help the body eliminate toxins. However, chelation therapy has caused some deaths of children with autism and thus should be carefully used.

Another autism treatment therapy is the secretin therapy which involves injection of secretin hormone so as to manage autistic behavior in children. This treatment has been known to improve the child’s response to sleep, eye contact, alertness and language skills. Other therapies include the immune globulin therapy; Auditory integrated training, facilitated communications therapy among others.

Common Teenage Problems

During teenage years, there is so much change and growth within a child. Changes occur both physically, socially and mentally. Sometimes, these changes can be quite scary to the teen child and cause lots of confusion in his life. The teen problemschanges are the source of common problems teenagers go through.

Teenagers experience problems because they are left alone to make decisions which their parents used to do for them. As they struggle to gain identity and become independent, they meet so many challenges that without proper guidance, may lead to their downfall. Below are the three most common teenage problems any parent should be aware of:

  • The teen problem of Stress

According to statistics, over three quarters of everyone from across the globe who passed through teen years experienced teen stress. There are several causes of teen stress with some of these causes being low self-esteem, school based problems, body image, family conflict among others.

Sometimes, a simple issue such as the pressure to have a friend from the opposite sex leads to stress. When not checked, teen stress can lead to depression and result in suicidal thoughts. It is the reason why parents should always be close to their children to re-assure them and encourage them at all times.

  • The teen problem of Drugs

The rate at which teenagers are getting into drug abuse is quite alarming. The high numbers are attributed to curiosity and peer pressure which often override any dangers of drug abuse a teenager may know.

Drugs is a serious problem and leads to other hazards such as premarital sex, unaccomplished goals and broken dreams. Drugs are also dangerous to a teenager’s health and may lead to complications such as lung cancer, accidents and unwanted pregnancies.

To help their children avoid drugs net, parents should create a friendly and free environment at home where the teenager is allowed to air his views and discuss his feelings. Correcting an erring teenager should be done in love so as to avoid stress and depression which may lead to drug abuse.

  • The teen problem of Sex

Another common teenage problem is sex. In present times, sex is everywhere from the TV sets, schools, books and magazines. Most idolized actors, singers; players also behave in such a manner that makes today’s teenagers believe that sex is normal. Perhaps it is the reason why slightly over half of the world’s teenagers are sexually active.

Sex is dangerous to a teenager because it may lead to unwanted pregnancies and diseases which cannot be treated such as HIV/AIDS. As a parent, you need not to let your child experiment with sex. Let your child understand sex and instill moral values on your child at the early stages in life. In that manner, no amount of peer pressure will make him bow to sex.